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Destruction Is Beautiful.

Destruction Is Beautiful.

oh yooo tumblr:3 so yeah, i'm Shannon:) - r.i.p Georgia Finlayson - 14-12-2011. i'll never stop loving you ♡ "You also think you know life. You stand on the edge of things and watch it go by, but you’re not living it. Not really. You’re just a tourist. A ghost." ohy, btw joe is a cunt lol You've been hugged :3 times!


i feel sooooo confused about what i look like? am i fat am i skinny and i pretty or ugly i literally CAN’T TELL AT ALL. how i feel about my looks changes on a min to min basis and is mostly affected by my mood i am so confused what the HECK do i actually look like to u people. i feel like an alien in my body 

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420 is so close I can almost taste all the bad jokes I’ll have to weed through

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I think the biggest turn on is knowing you turned someone else on.

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im dropping out of school to focus on not hating myself

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